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At Tim Adams Specialty Coffee, we pride ourselves on delivering the perfect brew year-round. Tim travels the globe to personally inspect and source the highest quality coffee beans before bringing them to our shores. Each crop must score a minimum of 80 out of 100 on the Specialty Coffee Association of America score sheet to be included in our seasonal blends and we make an effort to work with farms that implement positive environmental and social initiatives.

Our growers are scattered across the world (from Brazil and El Salvador to India and the Dominican Republic), allowing us to capitalise on the best climates and growing conditions at any given time throughout the year and ultimately deliver premium coffee.

Some of our prized growers include:

Don Fabio (Honduras)

Don Fabio is one of the most well known and respected farmers in Honduras. In the 2003 Cup of Excellence his farms won 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place. In 2004 COE they won 2nd place again.

Don Fabio is a third generation coffee producer, experience that’s evident in his coffee. His Farms are healthy vibrant green and full of growth. One of the reasons why Don Fabio’s farms are so special is his fertilizer technique. They continue to make their own natural fertilizer by composting coffee pulp (from the wet mill) and adding cow/chicken manure – an accomplishment Don Fabio spent years perfecting and is understandably really proud of.

Elkin Guzman (Colombia)

Elkin Guzman is a true pioneer in the world of coffee producers.  He is an extremely intelligent young farmer that is using technology in incredible ways to improve his coffee. The attention to detail that Elkin maintains is undoubtedly paying off. His techniques are so calculated that his coffee has been some of the most consistently impressive that we have seen out of Colombia.

Jorge and Maria Lanza (Honduras)

The Lanza family has been producing coffee for over 20 years. 4 years ago they started a special relationship with Sasa Sestic (owner of Ona Coffee & Project Origin). Sasa encouraged them to enter the COE after cupping the most amazing coffee from the Lanza’s farm La Huerta in 2013. They went on to win the COE that year with the highest score ever for first harvest being 92.75. Tim visited La Huerta on his most recent origin trip in late 2015 and was blown away by the beauty of the farm, climate and the Lanza’s commitment to quality.

During the harvest season Jorge contracts 30 families to work on the farm picking, milling, drying and various selection activities. Three families live on the farm permanently and are given houses and the opportunity to produce other products.

Dona Oscar and Francisca Chacon (Costa Rica)

Dona Francisca and Don Oscar Chacon are third generation coffee producers in their family. They inherited their farms from their grandparents and are known for being one of the first to process high-quality Honeys and Naturals in Central America and for participating in the Cup of Excellence auction in 2009.

Their award winning organic Micromill Las Lajas is known for producing a range of experimental processing techniques. Organic coffee in Costa Rica is almost non-existent the Chacon’s believe in the preservation of the environment hence their organic practices. We have been lucky enough to purchase a few variations in processing by the Chacon’s and can happily say we have been very impressed with the level of coffee quality.

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