Pullman Filtration Basket

Pullman Filtration Basket


High quality espresso basket made for precision extractions.

The crew at Pullman first made ridiculously uniform tampers to allow us all to compress our coffee nice and evenly. They’ve now turned their attention to baskets and we’re excited to be featuring the results of their efforts. Unlike many baskets, every single basket is being confirmed for consistent diameter within a super tight spec which in turn allow for an even better fit for their tamper bases.

Quality build, consistent diameters basket to basket and a great price point – up your espresso consistency with these great tools.


  • Guaranteed internal diameter to meet Pullman tamper specification (58.70mm)

  • Hole diameter of 0.3 +/-0.02mm

  • Polished, no burrs, no scratches, no misshaped holes

  • AISI 304 material which is compliant with Europe Food Contact Directive, FDA and ROHS


To determine which basket will fit your portafilter, please refer to the picture/diagram for depth measurement.

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