Brazil Tillyta 'Yellow' Profile

Brazil Tillyta 'Yellow' Profile

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Brazil Tillyta Process ‘Yellow’ Profile

Tasting Notes:

Tropical Fruits like Mango & Passionfruit. Creamy Texture with subtle White Grape.

Producer: Luiz & Flavia Saldanha

Farm: Fazenda California

Region: Norte Pioneiro

Varietal: Obata

Altitude: 750 masl

Processing: Tillyta Process

Fazenda California, owned by Saldanha Family, is located in the Brazilian subtropical region of the so-called Norte Pioneiro do Parana. This region is characterized by being the area adjacent to southern Brazil able to develop coffee plantation without the low temperatures of the winter period, hindering the activity. The coexistence of volcanic soils of high fertility, good distribution of rainfall throughout the year and the binomial established between its average elevation of 750 meters above sea level and latitude of 23 South, this results in a micro climate with average annual temperature of 20 degrees celsius. With four well defined seasons and a wide temperature range, turns this portion of blessed land into an extraordinary environment for the development of the highest quality coffee lots.

We are grateful for the relationship with Luis and his family, and the consistent incredible quality of coffee he is producing. With amazing cup profiles pushing the ‘paradigms’ of coffee from Brazil it’s an honour to share this Obata ‘Yellow’ Profile with you all.

This particular lot involves soaking fresh, ripe cherries in cold water for 24 hours before gently dried as Natural Process in African Beds. This coffee resembles ‘Yellow’ fruit qualities and we this it’s truly a delicious cup.

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