our philosophy

We’re proud to say Tim Adams Specialty Coffee’s blends are more than just your average drop.

For us, delivering the perfect cup of coffee is not just about using the right equipment and having a fancy label; it’s about taking the time and care to perfect every step of the growing and brewing process.

Our dedication to quality and acting in an ethically responsible manner is paramount, and it is for this reason that we go one step further than certified fair-trade coffee outlets — we travel the world to source the best crops and trade directly with farmers. This allows us to personally guarantee all farmers who supply our beans are getting a decent price for their crops. It also means we can inspect every crop and ensure only the highest quality beans are being used in our blends. In fact, all of the bean crops we consider have to score a minimum of 80 out of 100 on the Specialty Coffee Association of America score sheet to be included in our seasonal blends.

We’re so passionate about our product that any cafes and restaurants looking to stock our blends have to share our unwavering passion for first-rate coffee and know their way around a coffee machine.

We also place a strong emphasis on freshness and work with every stockist to determine the optimum time for brewing so every cup is delivered at the highest quality first time, every time!