Tea Drop Tea

Here at Tim Adams Specialty Coffee we are all about quality. Quality in all aspects of the coffee business, this goes far greater than the coffee itself. Which is why we have partnered with Tea Drop since the very beginning of TASC. At Tea Drop, Ash and his team source the world for the best, most flavoursome and interesting ingredients to create the ultimate experience for tea enthusiasts. As tea specialists their aim is to be the gateway to the world of tea, creating memorable blends for everyone to enjoy and explore.

Image Source: https://www.teadrop.com.au

Image Source: https://www.teadrop.com.au


Tea Drop goes to great lengths to source not only (in our opinion and we think you’d agree) the best high quality tea, but they have a small picture & sustainable approach to sourcing which falls directly in line with our values and beliefs for coffee.

All of their leaves are hand picked, ethically sourced and treated with care, and every batch is tasted and approved by Tea Drops master blender who brings decades of family traditions and knowledge. Conditions are perfect for growing and picking so that the most flavoursome and sensorial tea is created for you to drink or serve to your customers, and always source only seasonal and small-batched leaves and produce, so that the tea is in prime, fresh condition for serving.

Did you know?…

All tea comes from the same plant, the Camilla sinensis. Whether a tea leaf becomes white, green, oolong, black or pu-erh depends entirely on how it is processed, which is why we’re obsessed with the journey from lantation to cup. That’s where the magic happens! Their range has something for everyone from dark and intense, to bright and subtle to the rose-petal romantic.

Here are 3 of our all time favourites and a staple for every cafe or pantry. Available to purchase through our online SHOP and many more varieties to choose from!

Get in touch with us if you’d like to know more about our tea offering or prices.