We're talking all things Dine in Cups

Choosing the right Dine In cup for your cafe can be hard work! There are so many colours, shapes, designs and sizes to choose from but do not fear, TASC has spent months hand selecting the perfect range of crockery for your cafe, restaurant or even for your drinking pleasure in your own home.

Image Source:  https://acfcups.com

Image Source: https://acfcups.com


Our range

We’ve found the perfect range! Made of the highest quality porcelain, strong and durablemade for repeated commercial and domestic use. We’re talking about ACF ( https://acfcups.com )

ACF Cups maintain coffee at the optimal temperature resulting in a happy and memorable coffee experience for every coffee drinker. These cups are designed with an elegant rounded base and smooth gradient to ensure baristas pour a perfect coffee for their customers each and every time.  ACF offers a range of colours and sizes.


Alongside ACF we have also hand selected a high quality 170ml Tulip Cup that fits perfectly into this range. We believe this cup not only provides the perfect harmony and balance between espresso and milk but the tulip design creates what we believe is a ‘dessert’ like experience as the micro foam holds together all the way to the bottom of the cup. Now thats one creamy and indulgent milk based beverage!

If you’d like to know more or more specific information on colours, sizes and pricing please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us info@timadams.net.au

Tilly Sproule